I Don’t Care Who… Just Do It…

If you haven’t done it yet… vote.

It’s a goddamn shame only a shade over half of us do it.

I don’t care who it’s for… just do it.

And don’t let anyone stop you…

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A Letter to Sith Lord Cheney…

Dear Dick,

My friend… what the hell? Why in God’s name did you endorse me the weekend right before the election? In public… on television? We’ve been working hard to dig up whatever dirt is left on ‘That One’ and right when we find out his aunt is here on the illegal tip, you had to go and open your big mouth.

I thought you were hiding out in your man sized safe? Lord knows no one has heard from you in ages. Thank God Gustav came so we could cancel the first day of the Republican National Convention and conveniently never reschedule your speech. During the whole financial crisis thing that’s totally sunk my campaign, old George has trotted his silly ass out in public with the hopes there was still someone out there listening to him. You’ve done the smart thing and kept your ass quiet… until now.

Are you that dense Dick? Do you have any fucking idea how much people don’t like you? I’m going against a liberal/terrorist sympathizer/anti-Semitic/fake American/Negro/socialist/communist and he’s still more popular than you are. Something else you may have forgotten while you were in your safe is that I’m losing right now. And I’ve spent the last two weeks bashing you and George because I can’t shake you fuckers and the shitty ass job you’ve done to save my life.

Wait a minute… is that what this is about Dick? You’re trying to get back at me aren’t you? You know I’ve never liked you but you’ve kept your mouth shut. Now all of a sudden when I talk a little shit about you to get my numbers moving, you come out of your hole to give me your seal of approval?

Thanks a bunch Dick… I really, really appreciate it.


John Sidney McCain III

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